Why You Should Recruit For Birthright Israel with Shorashim?

Shorashim has the best referral incentive program for you!

Recruiting for Shorashim is a win-win-win:

  • Earn cash or gift cards for each person that travels!
  • Go back to Israel!
  • Give back the gift your received!

As a shorashim recruiter, you spread the word about our Birthright Israel programs and earn rewards when people sign up, apply, and travel! People you recruit to travel on Birthright Israel with Shorashim will be able to choose your name as they register for their trip and use a unique link created to track your applicants. Your applicants will receive priority placement; it's time to become the golden ticket that gets your friends to Israel!


  1. You must be registered with Shorashim to participate in the Shorashim recruiter program
  2. You will receive credit for each registrant who submits their refundable deposit before registration closes & travels. It is in the applicants best interest to submit their deposit as soon as possible once registration opens. We highly recommend applying in full within the first week, if not the first day, as well as taking advantage of early bird registration.
  3. Credit is awarded only for eligible applicants who register for Birthright Israel: Shorashim experiences. Generally speaking, applicants are eligible if they are ages 18-26, Jewish, & have not been to Israel on a peer program since high school. For detailed rules on eligibility, please click here.
  4. As a recruiter, you must only recruit for Birthright Israel: Shorashim trips & not work with another provider in the same regard.
  5. Each registrant can designate only one recruiter.
  6. Once a registrant is recruited, their registration only counts towards rewards during the season that the applicant travels.
  7. No coercion, pressure sales, or misrepresenting the program. Our recruiters should represent Birthright Israel:Shorashim trips as the high-caliber program that it is.
  8. Recruitment is for the purpose of spreading the word about the Birthright Israel: Shorashim program & for competition within the Ambassador program itself, & there is no other incentive attached. In particular, Shorashim does not necessarily award staff positions to its recruiters. If you feel that you are qualified to be a staff person, you may contact us [email protected].
  9. You are not able to receive credit for signing up yourself.
  10. Referral to the program is not a guarantee of acceptance. We do our best to accept applicants - particularly those sent to us by our recruiting team - on the dates that they request. The best thing that an applicant can do to improve his or her chances of acceptance on our program is to submit the deposit & complete all steps of the application process as soon as possible. Shorashim reserves the right to cancel participation of any recruiter who does not abide by the rules of the program.
Payment will be paid in Amazon or Target gift cards, or a donation in your name to the charity of your choice. If you earn more than $500 in any given season, you have the option to be paid out via check as well. In order to get paid, you must recruit at least three applicants who travel.

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